Short or long trips, biking is a great opportunity to get some exercise into your day and potentially get to your location quicker by avoiding traffic and stoplights by taking a trail.

Stay safe:

  • Always wear a helmet, even for short trips. Like when you put on your seatbelt when driving a car, get in the habit of always putting your helmet on whenever you hop onto your bike.
  • Keep your bicycle maintained; inspect your bike often. Check the PSI in your tires, and always check for a flat before taking off.
  • Obey traffic laws and follow the direction of traffic (unlike walking). Drivers won’t expect you to come from the opposite way of traffic, they are looking for cars and will see you if they are already looking that way.
  • Wear bright clothing, reflectors, and lights when it is dark
  • Use the proper hand-signaling to tell cars and other bicyclists what you are doing. Vehicles have turn signals and brake lights for a reason, and you should be doing the same signaling.