What is Grasscycling?

Grasscycling is a simple, natural way of recycling grass and returning water and nutrients to the soil. It builds a healthier, more natural lawn and helps you manage grass clippings on-site instead of hauling them off.

Mulch mowing is the most common and easiest type of Grasscycling, but you can also Grasscycle by adding grass clippings to your compost pile, using them as mulch or blending them with soil in your garden or flower beds.

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Why Grasscycle?

Build a Healthier Lawn

  • Grass clippings from mulch mowing decompose quickly, returning valuable water and nutrients back to the soil.
  • Mulch mowing can provide up to ¼ to ½ of a lawn’s fertilizer needs.
  • Grasscycling reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

Save Time and Money!

  • Reduce disposal costs by not hauling off grass clippings.
  • Reduce peak season demand for organics collection, which helps keep utility rates down.
  • Avoid having to empty awkward mower bags every time you mow.

Want to learn about a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to lawn care?

Watch the informational video and learn more about how you can start Grasscycling!