DocuDriven ( is a growing business based in La Center. Calling themselves the "paperless people," they provide businesses with digital options and consulting for document management and data integration. DocuDriven offers scanning and storage services, and their software categorizes and processes invoices digitally, saving employee time and automating the accounts payable process.

Bruce Randall, owner of DocuDriven, helps business leaders overcome their concerns about going paperless and take the leap into digital processes. One common misconception is that businesses are legally required to hold on to documents. Often that isn't truly the case. DocuDriven will work with companies to help them develop a plan to move to paperless processes and data management. A paperless office starts with eliminating paper forms. The next step is setting up processes to manage workflow without hard copies, and finally, employ content management software to easily retrieve information.

Reducing and eliminating paper use cuts operating costs and has real environmental benefits. This paper calculator is a helpful tool for determining the environmental impact of paper use at your workplace:

Wondering what you can do to improve the likelihood that your next visit to the grocery store, doctor or dentist will be paperless? Just ask! Even if an electronic option isn't currently offered, businesses may take note of customer preferences for a paperless transaction and consider it for the future.