A new AmeriCorps member, Brittany Smith, has recently joined the Green Neighbors team and will be serving the community now through the next year! Clark County Solid Waste and Environmental Outreach programs annually host members through the Washington Service Corps, and we are happy to continue this trend.

We asked Brittany a few questions so you can get to know her better! Be sure to say hi at virtual events or through email at [email protected].

Where are you from? 

I am from Houston, Texas! I love Houston because of its large parks, incredible food and warm weather. I attended school at the University of Colorado at Boulder and received my degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a certificate in Public Health. I enjoyed getting involved in the community through restoration and conservation events.

What projects will you be working on for Green Neighbors?

I will be working on projects that discuss and promote sustainability and waste reduction. That includes the WasteBusters challenge, Natural Garden Tour and Recycled Arts Festival.

 What aspect of serving with Green Neighbors are you most excited for?

I am excited to work with and learn from a community that has waste reduction practices integrated into their infrastructure. I look forward to engaging with the residents of Clark County to plan meaningful events for the community and myself.

 Where in Clark County are you most excited to explore?

I am most excited to visit the farmer's markets around Clark County because I love to cook and support local farms and businesses. I am also excited to relax and observe wildlife in the parks and visit local hiking areas.

 What is your favorite activity to do outdoors?

I am a passionate hiker and prefer to bike or walk while I run errands and explore. I leave my headphones at home and listen to the birds, wind and other noises of the woods.

 What is your favorite animal and/or plant?

I love all sea creatures! My favorite is the Southern Stingray, which is native to the Atlantic Ocean and my home, the Gulf of Mexico. I also have a deep love for plants, especially anything that vines. I have been keeping an eye out for Clark County natives like honeysuckle.