Kiggins Theatre, located in downtown Vancouver, is a single-screen movie theater listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to showing movies, the space hosts events such as the Science on Tap lecture series and our Clark County Green Awards. While preserving the historic character of the theater, owner Dan Wyatt introduced both modern technology and key green practices, which earned the theater Green Business certification in 2013.

Improvements to increase energy efficiency were made to both the heating and cooling system and the lighting. A programmable thermostat that can be adjusted remotely with a smart phone now controls the temperature in the building. Wyatt partnered with Clark Public Utilities to upgrade to LED lighting through participation in the Commercial/Industrial Lighting Incentive Program. Most recently, an Energy Star qualified refrigerator was purchased to replace a less efficient model.

Waste is another area in which Kiggins Theatre is continuing to make improvements. Most movie theaters serve popcorn and drinks in single-use containers. Kiggins Theatre, on the other hand, has taken steps to reduce plastic items and disposables. Plastic straws were recently replaced with a paper option, and drink cup lids were eliminated. And at the end of the evening, leftover popcorn is composted instead of tossed in the garbage. 

Offering movie-goers the option to recycle, reducing energy use and preventing waste are practices that keep Kiggins Theatre on the map as a green destination in downtown Vancouver. We hope to see you there on March 18 for the annual Clark County Green Awards.