Each year, Green Neighbors hosts an annual WasteBusters Challenge to support the community in their efforts to curb unnecessary production of waste. We encourage you to join us! During registration, you will select one of three pledges to commit to over the three-week period of February 22 - March 15. Topic areas include reducing food waste, paper waste, and clothing waste. The challenge format is virtual, with participants setting up accounts to interact with others in the waste-busting community. Learn something new, adopt sustainable habits, and most of all, have fun! Register for the challenge here.

Points & Prizes

You can earn points throughout the competition by attending virtual events, completing weekly challenges and answering reflection questions. The individual and the group who earns the most points will each win a prize. Individuals who earn 500 points or more will also be entered into a raffle to win prizes. You will have the chance to win a refurbished iPad, an Instant Pot, reusable products and more!

WasteBusters Virtual Events

Join us virtually on Sunday, February 21, 2 – 3:15 pm for details about the WasteBusters Challenge! Guest speaker Alex Luna (Owner of Kindred Homestead Supply) will share about how to sustain a low-waste lifestyle and make ethical consumer decisions. Busting waste can be easy and fun! Listen in on Alex's story to spark inspiration for your sustainability journey! Register for the kick-off event here.

Join us virtually on Monday, March 1, 6 – 7:15 pm! Guest speaker Terra will share about the Repair Clark County program and how they help others repair, upcycle and more! After the presentation, we will have a show & tell opportunity. Bring an item that you have upcycled or repaired if you would like to share! We are excited to hear about new ideas! Register for the event here.

Join us virtually on Monday, March 8, 6 – 7:15 pm! Guest Speaker Pierce Louis, co-founder of DirtHugger, will give us a virtual tour of the composting facility, share about the composting process and answer questions you may have! Register for the event here.

Community Building

Our neighbors already incorporate many mindful practices into their lifestyles to bust waste and do their part for the environment. WasteBusters provides an opportunity to connect with other folks in Clark County and swap sustainability ideas! Take your conservation habits to the next level or recommit to your values. We hope to see you during the WasteBusters Challenge!