The team at Simply Thyme Catering have years of experience in sustainability, and owner Tamara Leibfarth is always looking for more ways to be green. Simply Thyme Catering has been a thriving business for 12 years, and has been a Clark County Green Business since 2013. The steps they've taken to be green won them the 2017 Small Green Business of the Year Award. Leibfarth is proud of this achievement and has affectionately named the trophy made from recycled art 'Rusty.'

Nothing is wasted at Simply Thyme Catering, as all food not eaten at events is donated to homeless shelters, and food scraps are fed to farm animals or composted. Throughout the summer, employees have grown herbs and flowers behind their kitchen, watering them with graywater recycled from the building. All cooking oils, including animal fat, are collected for recycling. For events that they cater, durable dishware is used in place of disposables whenever possible. In their kitchen, employees see these green projects as business as usual; everyone is on board to do their part!

In addition to these practices, Leibfarth purchases a portion of their food from local farmers markets, and participates in local farm-to-table events. Leibfarth explains that some customers choose their catering simply because of their sustainability practices. They are leaders for small Green Businesses in Clark County, and their uncomplicated solutions to environmental issues continually impress the community.