RESILIENT RECYCLER: Which material is the phoenix of recycling?

Not all materials are recycled the same and not all materials can be recycled indefinitely. Follow our series as we explore how many times different materials can be recycled and search for the phoenix of recycling . 

 Part 4: Aluminum/Metal - perpetually recyclable

‚Äč‚ÄčAluminum is the most valuable material in your recycling cart. Recycling metal is cheaper and more energy-efficient than mining and converting bauxite into aluminum; therefore, 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today! Aluminum cans are recycled into new cans indefinitely without losing quality.

Being lightweight and efficient for packing, aluminum cans are cheap for transportation and distribution giving recyclers and producers a good economic gain. 

Reduce Waste and Keep Recycling!

Even if a product isn't reincarnated into its original form, recycling extends the lifespan of these materials, and lessens the negative impacts on the earth by reducing the need for raw resources. The most significant change you can make is to reduce your waste, use reusable options, and make consumer choices with the lifecycle of the product and its packaging in mind.