This year Clark County is simplifying the holidays! This holiday season, remember money doesn't buy happiness. Don't believe us? According to a psychological study performed at Northwestern University, people who value wealth, status and stuff are more likely to have feelings of depression, anxiety and are less sociable. These feelings tend to become more prominent as the holidays approach with added stress and consumption. Avoid feeling overwhelmed this season by implementing some of these basic tips aimed to help keep your holiday Zen.

Don't just give presents, but be present. Oftentimes during the holidays we become so overwhelmed with shopping, parties, and gift giving that we forget to be truly present with our loved ones. Your loved ones will appreciate and remember the time spent together, whether they received the perfect gift or not.

Make memories, not stuff. Instead of giving material gifts this holiday, take your family out to experience something they enjoy. Go to the zoo, travel to a new city, go hiking or rent a cabin for you and your loved ones. Getting out of the holiday routine and being social will help everyone reduce excess stress.

Give the gift of time. This year give gifts that involve spending time with those you love. Examples include experiences like concert tickets, dance lessons, or even utilizing a talent you have to spend the time and teach them something new.

Give handmade gifts. There is a plethora of DIY tutorials on the internet these days. Make a personalized gift you know they will love! Repurpose and reuse old photographs or fabrics to incorporate shared memories. Not the craftiest person? That's okay; this next bullet is for you…

Shop local & give meaningful gifts from the heart. Stay away from generic big ticket items. Put effort into buying gifts that will be genuinely appreciated. Check out your local artisan markets to find unique gifts and support your local economy!

Share this with family! Tell your family how you plan to reduce stress this season and invite them to join you. You can even send them NewDreams' Simplifying the Holidays video to start the conversation.

For more tips on keeping your holiday simple and stress-free, check out Green Neighbors' holiday tips and resources.

NewDream is an organization that is dedicated to providing resources to help people transform the ways in which we consume to "improve well-being for people and the planet." Their website hosts a number of useful tools for any time of year including the holidays.