Unwanted Medication Disposal

We've had a couple of small changes to the medication take back program.  The county sheriff's office located in downtown Vancouver (next to the courthouse) and the one by the fairgrounds will no longer be accepting unwanted medication from the public.  All other locations remain the same and there is one addition.  

The Walgreens Pharmacy located at 1905 SE 164th Avenue now has a drop box and you can bring both controlled and non-controlled medications to this location for free disposal (no liquids, lotions, inhalers, needles or illegal drugs please).  This is a fabulous community service offered by this retailer and they are open 24 hours a day.

Proper disposal of medications is important for a number of reasons.  We don't want to get medications into our water, in the hands of our children, or out into the community.  Please take a few minutes to be sure that your unwanted medications are safely taken care of.