Make every day Recycling Day!

Clark County no longer hosts Recycling Day Events. However, you can Make Every Day Recycling Day! Our curbside recycling carts are only for specific materials (find out more about what goes in Big Blue). There are many other things that can be recycled— just not at the curb. With a little effort, you can still divert to conserve resources and help the environment. The Recycling A-Z online directory or downloadable app can help answer your specific questions on various discards that can be reused or recycled. This page also highlights some resources for discovering what goes where.

Consider donating materials in good condition to thrift stores or charity

Where to recycle  Transfer stations


other recycling options article

Other options for recycling

  • Plastic Bags, Film and Wrap – Look for special collection bins at the front of retail stores. Safeway, Albertsons, and Fred Meyer are going beyond bags and collecting all types of stretchy plastic films from grocery bags to produce and bread bags to case wrap and packing air pillows. Learn more at the website.
  • How2recycle promotes a smarter labeling system for recycling, making it easier for people to know what they can recycle and where to take items through their searchable database.
  • LightRecycleWA provides free collection sites for mercury-containing lights such as CFLs and Fluorescent Tubes. Recycle up to 10 bulbs per day for free.
  • E-cycle Washington – Search for collection sites to responsibly recycle electronics for free.
  • Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store accepts used building materials and home furnishings to be resold. Proceeds support Habitat for Humanity.
  • Check the Recycling A-Z directory to search for disposal options for other materials you wish to dispose of responsibly.