Clark Public Utilities

Clark Public Utilities has a wealth of information on conserving energy. Looking for ways to cut your monthly energy costs? Let their online home energy calculator do the math for you! It's fast and it's free. If the daily usage shown on your bill has increased quite a bit over the same time period as last year, start your investigation here. Schedule an energy counselor visit to help assess and analyze your home energy use. Spend time perusing their extensive energy saving tips for heating, water heating, in the kitchen, doing laundry, lighting, and cooling your home.

Bonneville Power Administration

For 30 years, the Northwest has been a leader in treating energy efficiency and conservation as a power resource. The Northwest Power Act of 1980 called on the Northwest to give energy conservation top priority in meeting its power needs, and the region quickly learned that a megawatt saved is the equivalent of a megawatt produced. Bonneville provides effective energy saving tips on their website, including lighting, energy star appliances, electronics, heat pump water heaters, showerheads, weatherization, ductless heat pumps, and more!

Energy Efficient Improvements

Improving the energy efficiency of your home has the added benefit of saving you money for heating and cooling as well as making your home a healthier place to live.

Weatherization assistance

Home weatherization benefits homeowners, landlords and tenants by installing cost effective measures for energy conservation and address health and safety concerns.

Eligibility for home weatherization assistance is determined by the number of people living in the household and income levels. Eligible low-income households receive the energy audit and energy saving measures installed free of charge.

Housing Preservation

The Housing Preservation programs assist low-income households with home maintenance repairs, including weatherization, home energy assistance and modifications for increased energy-efficiency.