There are some items that Waste Connections will pick up for recycling that can be set on the curb instead of inside Big Blue.  

Glass bottles & jarsRinse bottles and jars and place them in a bin or 5 gallon bucket next to the cart. Discard lids.

Motor oil & antifreeze Place these materials in a clear, one-gallon plastic jug with a screw-top lid (i.e. milk jug). Do NOT mix motor oil or antifreeze with each other or with any other material such as water or automotive fluids. Place them on the curb next to the cart.

Household batteries Tape the battery ends and put them in a sealed, clear plastic bag on the lid of Big Blue. Accepted batteries include single-use and rechargeable AA, AAA, C, D, button batteries, hearing aid and watch batteries. Never put batteries inside the recycling bin.

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