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WasteBusters Challenge

The 2021 WasteBusters Challenge will run from February 22 through March 15. This year's pledge options include:

  1. To reduce food waste, I pledge to use up, or freeze, all of my fruits and vegetables before purchasing new produce items.
  2. To reduce paper waste, I pledge to enroll two accounts (i.e. credit, banking, utilities) in paperless delivery.
  3. To reduce textile waste, I pledge to repair, swap, or buy second-hand clothes instead of purchasing new clothing items.

WasteBusters is an annual waste reduction competition for organizations and individuals in Clark County hosted by the Green Neighbors program. Families, friends, businesses, and organizations are encouraged to form teams or sign up as individuals, committing to reduce waste and foster sustainable habits for the 21-day challenge. The challenge provides opportunities to attend virtual events, complete weekly challenges, and answer prompts to share ideas with the community!

Register for Challenge

Kick-off Event:

Join us virtually on Sunday, February 21, 2 - 3:15 pm for details about the WasteBusters Challenge! Guest speaker Alex Luna (Owner of Kindred Homestead Supply) will share about how to sustain a low-waste lifestyle and make ethical consumer decisions. Busting waste can be easy, accessible, and fun! Listen in on Alex's story to spark inspiration for your sustainability journey!

Register Here

How it Works:

Once registration is open, sign up for the WasteBusters Challenge and invite friends to join you! You can even create teams. You will receive a reminder email when it is time to kickoff the challenge. After the challenge begins, be sure to visit the WasteBusters website regularly. The WasteBusters site has its own social media platform where you can respond to the prompts, post challenge updates, interact with the community and learn about waste reduction. Watch for posts from the WasteBusters team page on the Challenge Dashboard to be prompted to reduce waste and earn points. You can earn points by attending virtual events, completing weekly challenges and answering prompts. Participants who earn over a certain number of points are entered into a drawing for the grand prize.

2020 Wrap Up:

There were 144 individual participants and 10 groups in the 2020 competition; each one took a pledge to reduce their waste in a specific way. Weekly challenges saw participants perform home waste audits, create food scrap recipes and practice creative reuse. All of that waste reduction adds up.


I pledge to reduce paper waste in the kitchen by switching from single-use paper towels and paper napkins to cloth alternatives for 20 days.


I pledge to reduce plastic packaging waste by bringing a waste- free lunch to work or school three days a week or more for 20 days.


I pledge to reduce food waste by not allowing any food I purchase to spoil or be thrown away for 20 days.


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