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Clark Green Neighbors event calendar

You Can! Food Preservation Classes

Thursday, August 16, 2018, 06:00pm - 08:00pm
Contact  360-397-6060 ext 5733

Learn the basics of food preservation so you can eat well year-round by filling your pantry and freezer with the bounty from the Pacific Northwest! These classes bring you up to date on the latest recommendations, teach you how to process your food safely and tell you why you are doing it that way. You will learn what equipment is needed and proper storage methods. Participants receive printed materials, enjoy an extensive Q&A at the end of the class and taste sample preserved products. To register call 360-397-6060 ext 5733, use Brown Paper Tickets or come to the WSU Extension Office/Heritage Farm.

In the various classes you will learn how to:

  • Take advantage of the fruits available throughout the year including pineapples!
  • The various ways to make both regular, low and no sugar jams.
  • Tricks to keeping your pickles crisp and what fruits and vegetables can be pickled…you will be amazed!
  • How to properly can tomatoes and create delicious, safe salsas for the pantry and freezer.
  • Do you know the differences between dehydrating fruit and vegetables and what happens if your vegetables aren’t dry enough?
  • Pressure canning is safe and simple if the steps are followed.
    • Save money and control quality by canning your own beans including baked beans!
    • The proper way to make and can vegetables, soups and broths.
  • Preserving meat, fish and poultry can be done in many ways, learn the ins and outs of them all!
  • And much, much more…..



July 19th – September 6th Complete Series of 8 Classes

Sign up for all eight classes in “You Can!” Food Preservation series and save $60.00 over purchasing individual tickets!

July 19th Canning Fruits

Learn the basics of preserving fruits and fruit mixtures. Discover how to can fruits with low or no sugar, which fruits require additional steps to preserve or can only be frozen or dehydrated. You will also learn how to determine if the product is safe to eat, how to safely store your product and more.

July 26th Jams & Jellies

Learn all the different kinds of jellied products including jams and preservers. Discover the different ways to thicken your product, making low sugar jellied products, how to fix a jam that will not set, why some jams require added lemon juice, the difference between freezer and regular jam, proper storage and more.

August 2nd Pickling Fruits and Vegetables

Learn how to safely make quick pickles including dill and sweet, refrigerated quick pickles, relishes, fruit pickles, chutney and salads. You will lean how vinegar and processing make these pickles safe, how to keep them crisp, how to tell if a recipe is safe and more. These are all quick process pickles that are not fermented.

August 9th Fermented Vegetables and Yogurt

Learn how to prepare refrigerated dill pickles, processed dill pickles, sauerkraut and yogurt. Learn what type of salt to use, why and how to tell if they’re done fermenting. Learn how to make yogurt, types, spoilage, and shelf life. Class covers trouble-shooting, processing, food safety, tools & utensils needed for all products.

August 16th Canning Tomatoes and Salsas

The many varieties of tomatoes can make preserving tomatoes and salsas challenging. Learn how you can safely preserve salsas and tomato products, when to add lemon juice, why older recipes may not be safe, what ingredients can be substituted and more.
Brown Paper Ticket - Summer "You Can!" Canning Tomatoes & Salsa Class3370313

August 23rd Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables

Learn the basics of dehydrating fruits, vegetables, and herbs successfully and what is the best equipment to use for drying. Learn about pre-treatment methods, storage, proper containers, and creative ideas to use your dried products.

August 30th Preserving Vegetables, Beans and Soups

Learn the basics of pressure canning vegetables, beans and soups, how to select a pressure canner, why it is used and it’s safe use. Learn the correct prep for freezing vegetables, beans and soups, broths and packaging. Also covered is the proper storage of your canned and frozen goods, shelf life and more.

September 6th Preserving Meat, Fish, Poultry and Making Jerky

Learn the basics of pressure canning meats, why you use a pressure canner and how to use it safely. Learn freezing methods and packaging of meat, fish and poultry. You will also learn the proper method of making jerky and more including proper storage of your canned and frozen goods, shelf life and more.



Heritage Farm 
1919 NE 78th St 
Vancouver, WA 98665


Event Sponsor  WSU Extension