Green Neighbors Program

The Clark County Green Neighbors Program was developed and is maintained by Clark County Solid Waste and Environmental Outreach to assist citizens with developing more sustainable lifestyles and building a strong environmental community in Clark County. Solid waste regional planning and programs are a cooperative effort of Battle Ground, Camas, Clark County, La Center, Ridgefield, Vancouver, Washougal, and Yacolt. Funding for this project provided by a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

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  • Naturally Beautiful Backyards

    Naturally Beautiful Backyards (NBB) is a program that can help you be as green in your yard as you are in your house. There are things you do in your indoor life to be green, likewise, there are things you can do in your yard to be green as well. And not just in your backyard!

    The NBB program encourages:

    Make It Naturally Beautiful

    Learning about how to work with nature will make you a better and more confident gardener. Encouraging birds, bees, and wildlife into your yard by using native plants, tolerating insects and a little damage, building great soil, recycling and composting waste materials, and using fewer chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides) will enable your yard to contribute positively to a healthier environment.

    Browse our pages and learn how to make your yard naturally beautiful.


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  • Green Neighbors 5th Anniversary Celebration


    Celebrate Five years of Green Neighbors with Live Owls and Bat Talk

    Sunday, October 15, 2017, 01:30pm – 04:30pm

    We are so excited to recognize five successful years of our Green Neighbors program. Please join us to celebrate this milestone by welcoming our special guest speaker, The Falconer, a wildlife biologist, conservationist and licensed falconer. What is the difference between a nocturnal and diurnal creature? How do they fly without making a noise? What do they eat? What conservation efforts can we do to ensure these animals have a future? Meet some LIVE owls and learn all about these creatures who hunt in the night.

    Then, we will dig deeper by dissecting a real owl pellet! Find out what these night creatures eat by picking apart pellets to discover bones, skulls and teeth. Try to figure out which type of animal was contained in the pellet using charts and pictures.

    What about other nocturnal creatures, such as bats? What comes to mind when you think about bats? Vampires and dark, scary nights or do you think about action heroes and fruit? Hollywood has given bats a bad rap but they truly are the heroes of the night, eating insects, spreading seeds and even pollinating plants! Bet you didn’t know that you can thank a bat for the banana in your lunch box and the peaches in your cobbler! This time of year, we see lots of scary pictures and hear a bat-load of misinformation about these helpful mammals. Come learn about these fascinating & essential twilight creatures and you’ll soon be a bat happy bat steward.

    Come enjoy a cupcake and celebrate this milestone with us and the creatures of the night!

    Water Resources Education Center 
    4600 SE Columbia Way 
    Vancouver, WA 98661

    Sign up to Attend!