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The holiday season can produce a lot of waste. The United States creates 5.8 million tons more waste in December than in other months of the year. But there are ways to keep your holiday season sustainable!

Holiday waste disposal  Holiday waste prevention guide


holiday waste reduction article

Holiday tree recycling

Reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill—recycle your natural tree to be chipped into mulch! Download this Clark County tree recycling guide to properly dispose of your tree after the holidays. 

Holiday Tree Recycling

Specialty holiday waste disposal

  • Battery disposal

    When batteries are improperly stored and/or disposed of they can cause serious harm. Batteries that end up in household garbage or inside of recycle carts can explode and pose a significant fire risk.

    Luckily, there are now several safe Battery Drop-Off sites throughout Clark County! These convenient locations accept a variety of batteries from Clark County households, including cell phones and rechargeable batteries, which often pose the biggest safety risk when improperly disposed of.

    Locate battery drop-off locations on the RecycleRight app (available on Apple and Android devices) or search the Recycling A-Z Directory.

  • Block foam

    Never place block foam in your curbside recycle cart. During the transportation and sorting process the foam easily breaks apart and gets mixed with recyclable items, posing challenges at the sorting facility.

    If you have block foam that you need to dispose of, check out these options:

    Become a member of a subscription specialty recycling service to have foam and other select items collected from your doorstep for recycling. Options include RecyclePlus or Ridwell, which is for households located in limited-service areas. Place block foam in your garbage cart.

  • Air pillows and bubble wrap

    It’s common to see items such as bubble wrap, air pillows, bubble mailers and plastic packaging delivered year-round to our doorstep. Despite being labeled with recycling symbols, these items cannot go in your curbside recycling cart. These items can only be recycled when taken to a plastic film collection location, otherwise they go in the garbage They can be dropped off at a local retailer for special recycling. Try searching for “plastic packaging” disposal information available on the Recycling A-Z Directory or the RecycleRight app (available on Apple and Android devices).

  • String lights

    Holiday string lights should never be placed in your curbside recycle cart. When string lights end up at the transfer station in a recycling load they get tangled in equipment.They get stuck on the sorting line and cause the machinery to jam, resulting in costly repairs.

    Please place string lights in the garbage can or take them to a local recycler such as Earth Friendly Recycling.

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Holiday waste prevention guide

In addition to disposing of waste, there are easy ways to prevent waste in the first place! Check out the below guide of helpful tips and tricks to make the holiday season sustainable.

Party Waste Prevention

  • Have simple, clearly marked recycle containers at your holiday party.
  • Replace disposable plates, cups, napkins and silverware. If you don’t have enough dishware for your party or gathering, encourage guests to bring their own place setting.

Food Waste Reduction

  • Save money and prevent food waste by using a guestimator to curate a fully customized menu fit for your holiday feast’s unique guestlist. This will help you only buy what you need by creating a detailed list before heading to the grocery store.
  • Let's not forget the joy of leftovers during the season—repurpose leftovers into a new creative meal or freeze for later.
  • Compost your food scraps in your curbside organics cart, home compost system or drop off food waste at a We Compost Community Hub.


  • Send holiday e-cards instead of paper greeting cards or get artsy and craft one-of-a-kind cards from materials found in your recycle cart. A simple coat of paint can transform a cereal box into a handmade holiday card!
  • Shop at thrift stores for unique gift items and holiday decorations.
  • Wrap gifts in reusable bags or use old maps, posters, sheet music, fabric scraps or paper bags in place of store-bought wrapping paper that is only used one time.
  • Gift home-baked goodies in reusable containers like baskets, tins or jars.
  • Give non-materialistic gifts that do not require wrapping, such as gift certificates for activities, events, classes and experiences.
  • Make a charitable donation in the recipient’s name or give a membership to a museum, environmental or other nonprofit organization.